Five dead and several injured as minibus is sprayed with bullets

Somalia – Five people were killed today when the vehicle that they were traveling in was sprayed with bullets.

The armed assailants opened fired on the victims as they were traveling near the Boos-Dacaar neighbourhood, in Banadir, Southern Somalia. Killing five and injuring several more.

Of the five victims who were murdered, four were cousins and one was a friend of theirs, as reported by the family members of the deceased.

An official from the vicinity, Qasim Ali Nur, attended the scene shortly afterwards.  Other officials also attended the crime scene to try and understand what exactly happened. 

Emerging reports suggest that the killings followed a tribal dispute.
Among the injured is Hussein Hassan Sharax, who was driving the mini-bus when it was ambushed.

According to relatives of those killed, local officials have not yet released a statement regarding the attack.