First Somali graduates from University of Agriculture

The Somali Agriculture School opened in December 2012 in cooperation with TIKA and IHH in order to prevent drought on the African continent.

To ensure that the Somali people are aware of the richness they possess, and to increase the quality of life through sustainable agricultural activity.

Between 2013 and 2015, the school continued in the form of a short-term applied farmer training course, starting from 2014 as the Anatolian Agricultural Faculty began to provide training. In 2014, 50 students who had graduated to first class of Faculty of Agriculture completed their education and graduated this year as an agricultural engineer.

Students, as well as theoretical training they received at the Faculty of Agriculture, through the production of vegetables in greenhouses Founded in school structure by TICA and also using agricultural tools and machinery that have been brought through TIKA from Turkey, graduated as an experienced agricultural engineers complete their practical training.
Students from the Faculty of Agriculture have reintroduced more than 150 species of vegetables with Turkish assistance . As a result, many new vegetables were introduced to the Somali people.