Denmark is trying to get rid of it’s Somali residents

Denmark – The Danish government has a confidential agreement with Somalia to deport asylum seekers.

According to reports, the agreement has set a quota for up to 12 people to be returned to Somalia, by Denmark, each year.

Mrs Saynab Iman Shikhow is the mother of a young man who was subject to a deportation under this scheme, and she describes the situation as being a nightmare.

Her son was deported from Denmark after being convicted for theft.  However, when he returned to Somalia, he was rejected by authorities allowed to return to Denmark.  Upon return, he was immediately arrested and imprisoned.

Whilst her son was in a Danish prison, Mrs Shikhow says that she began receiving threatening telephone calls from agents in Somalia. These callers told her that if her son were to return to Somalia again, she would have to pay $10,000 USD or he would face execution.  Presumably, the Danish foreign office were in contact with Somali authorities at this point, in an attempt to deport the young Danish national a second time.

“These men that are threatening me now… If he is sent back to them it will be all over for him,” Mrs Shikhow told local media.

The Danish opposition party, The Social Democrats, have demanded that there be clarification of the confidential agreement that exist between Denmark and Somalia.

“I think this sounds serious. Nobody should receive threats in a situation like this, so we plan to contact Inger Støjberg and ask for a confidential explanation of what is going on with this case,” the party’s spokesperson for immigration issues, Mattias Tesfaye, told local media.

An MP from a second party, the Red-Green Alliance (Enhedslisten), has called for more transparency over the arrangement.

“This asks fundamental questions about the arrangement Denmark has with Somalia. Is this a functional Somali government or a criminal network trying to extort and exploit deported individuals?”, MP Nikolaj Villumsen said.

The Ministry of Immigration and Integration have firmly stated their position and declared that the agreement between Denmark and Somalia is confidential,  and that no further comment would be given.

“Denmark has, over an extended period, worked towards establishing a partnership with Somali authorities regarding the deportation of Somali citizens from Denmark to Somalia. This work is confidential at the request of Somalia, so the ministry is unable to comment further,” the ministry said in a press release.

The media have obtained a document stating that an arrangement between the two countries is currently in effect.  This is particularly alarming as the security situation in parts of Somalia has been deteriorating.

The exact number of Danish residents of Somali heritage that have been deported back to Somalia is unknown.






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